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Why Should I Hire A Planner?

Two questions it seems that most brides ask are:                               Do I really need a wedding planner and can I afford to hire a wedding planner?                                                                                      Kiss The Bride is in constant touch with local vendors and know who are worthy of your business based on their reputation and if they are trustworthy. We also realize how important a budget is at this time for you and know how to use it most efficiently. We will present you with a full, customized budget analysis after we have met and have come to understand you first as a couple. Thereby understanding your dreams and wishes for your amazing day! Think about it, on your wedding day do you really want to be pulled in every direction trying to deal with arranging, coordinating and managing vendors? We believe you should be spending time enjoying your family and guests. Who has their finger on the pulse of all the latest bridal trends? Who will see to it that you are stress free and pampered on your day to shine? The last question you should ask yourself, if something goes horribly wrong on your wedding day, who will you turn to if YOU are also the wedding planner? Kiss The Bride wants to remove all of this from your shoulders and allow you the freedom to be the most beautiful you have ever been, minus those pesky worry lines!

Bring Your Vision To Reality!

Unique? Every bride wants that distinction for her wedding day! We realize that weddings don't have to be done "the way they've always been done". Once we meet, we will be able to discuss your own ideas and create your own unique trends and traditions. Kiss The Bride welcomes all kinds of weddings! Plus we can join you at any stage of your planning (as described in 'our packages' section) and handle every detail! As your wedding planner, Kiss The Bride becomes your personal planning partner for the next 9 -12 months and always only a phone call away! Contact us today to receive your FREE Consultation and to find out how to receive a FREE Bridal Ideas Gift!


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